Interactive Neighborhood for Kids returns in Gainesville after flooding damage repaired

The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids in Gainesville reopened Friday, Feb. 1, with new exhibits and a sigh of relief after being closed for months following flooding and water damage last summer.
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INK Reopens After Flooded Disaster

For the past 17 years, a small non-profit known as the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids allowed children to imagine themselves to be a doctor, banker, or whatever their hearts desired. Which is why when the museum’s pottery room suffered a small fire that then led to flooding that destroyed many of the children’s favorite exhibits in September, it left the organization with no choice but to close their doors.
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Great Location For Young Grandkids

Featured in Slip Away Magazine Fall 2018
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Winner 2018 Best of Hall County Readers' Choice

Named Best of Hall County 2018 in “Best Museum in Hall County” and “Best Place for Kids to Have fun”.

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INK Featured in Voyage ATL

Voyage ATL features the history behind INK
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